The War: A Collection Of Real Life Stories

Book Cover: The War: A Collection Of Real Life Stories
Editions:Paperback - Paperback: ₹ 179.00
ISBN: 978-1638068938
Pages: 102
Kindle - Kindle: ₹ 99.00
Pages: 138
The War: A Collection Of Real Life Stories To Empower The Women To Face The Challenges, To Be Resilient In Tough Situations And To Emerge As Warriors
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'The War' is a compilation of 7 stories projecting the different issues propelling the lives of people and providing insights into women's struggles to empower themselves in the present-day socio-cultural scenario. Women, anywhere in the world are subjected to disrespect, inequality, injustice, exploitation, endless abuse, gender discrimination, gender pay gap, gender violence etc., more so in India, a country where women are given the status of a goddess. 'The War' inspires the people to let their hearts be filled with empathy in the unprecedented calamities like Covid pandemic. It reflects the plight of health care personnel working in the most vulnerable conditions, yet preserving the human feel.


It mentions the existing inequalities exposed by Lock down and inspires the people to have humane relationships with others, especially in tough times 'Flower Garden' emphasizes the importance of nurturing human values. The story declares that though money is the pivotal element in our lives, there are many vital components of human life which are more precious than money. It also affirms that no person should die because of non-availability of healthcare at right time. (This story was selected as one of the best 12 stories out of around 1400 stories translated into English from almost all Indian languages, by Humanscape, a magazine from Mumbai) 'Break the shackles' represents the life of educated and earning women surrounded by the shackles of patriarchy and their struggles to overcome the hurdles. While men can enjoy both the secure family and a career, women face many visible and invisible roadblocks to have them. They would be threatened emotionally and culturally to opt for any one of them. It questions patriarchal society which denies the women the right to have autonomy and decision making power. 'Quagmire' questions the systems which allow the mafia gangs to make the drugs as easily available as chocolates in the colleges, schools and universities, leading to the destruction of future of the youth. It criticizes the apathy of the citizens and society at large when systems fail to control the evils of society. It also gives a lucid picture of the innocent youth drowning in the quagmire of addictions 'The Path' shows a path to the present-day youth to become responsible and productive citizens of the country protecting themselves from becoming prey to the newly emerging vices in modern life.. 'Burning furnace' gives a bird's eye view of the impact of globalization and its offshoot, new economic reforms encouraging special economic zones, huge big dams etc, driving the common people away from their lands, their villages and their livelihoods. It questions the unjust policies of the Governments, which should have an obligation to protect the people. The story also questions the development model in which the fruits of development do not trickle down to the poor and widens the gap between the powerful rich and the powerless poor 'Fragrance' portrays the struggle of a resilient woman, who was forced to leave her village to escape from hunger, depression and violence from her husband and toil in the city to bring up her children. After reading these stories, you will have a vivid picture of the sentiments, emotions, valor, perseverance, hopes, aspirations and goals of people, especially women, apart from their struggles, sufferings and sacrifices in a traditional socio-cultural setting. All the stories have a common ideology, "Humankind is my business" Read, enjoy and join in this most beautiful business to transform this world happier


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