Celebrate Your Adolescence

Book Cover: Celebrate Your Adolescence
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Celebrate Your Adolescence: A road map for Adolescents (Adolescents' Health and Behavior Book 1)
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Did you ever questioned yourself
Am I Normal?
Am I a child or an adult?
Have you ever wondered why there are changes in your body?
Did the changes make you feel embarrassed, scared or ashamed?
Were you ever overwhelmed while experiencing the physical, psychological, emotional, sexual and social changes, all simultaneously?
Rapid growth. . .Cause of Concern!

Do you want to have a smooth, safe, healthy, happy and productive adolescence?

Then this book, “Celebrate your Adolescence” is for you


Do you want to support your adolescent child to pass through this crucial phase of transition without the impact of myths, misconceptions and misinformation that lead to life-long consequences?

Do you want to guide your student to travel through the right path to attain holistic development through knowledge and achieve their full potential to emerge as productive and responsible citizens?

Here is a book,
A torch to throw light on the various challenges and opportunities adolescents encounter in this crucial phase of their lives.

A resource to provide authentic knowledge for Adolescents, enabling them to make well-informed choices.

A tool which helps to build systems and processes to strengthen and promote the positive health of adolescents.

This book gives you clear insights of

  • The uniqueness of Adolescence .
  • What are the health challenges faced by adolescents in the fast-changing modern world?
  • Barriers to achieving Adolescents’ health
  • Why adolescence is considered a problem age?
  • Developmental tasks of Adolescents.
  • Factors impacting the health of Adolescents


  • What is puberty and its physiological aspects, factors affecting the onset of puberty?
  • When does puberty begin?
  • Factors affecting the onset of puberty
  • Factors impacting the early age of menarche?
  • Physical growth during adolescence and physiology of growth
  • Prepubescent phase, pubescent phase and post pubescent phase.

3. Disorders of puberty
Types of puberty disorders

  • Precocious puberty
  • Delayed puberty
  • Contra-sexual pubertal development
  • Premature Thelarche and Adrenarche

Puberty and adolescence-Hormonal changes
How does the body know to grow?
What happens on the inside that makes us change on the outside?
Different hormones involved in pubertal changes and their functions:
Nutrition in Adolescence
This chapter highlights the importance of good nutrition for adolescents and how
the growth and development of adolescents depends to a large extent on their nutrition.
What a good nutrition requires …
a satisfactory diet, which is capable of supporting the individual consuming it, in a state of good health by providing the desired nutrients in required amounts.
Adolescents’ nutritional requirements…


Highlights the importance of regular hygienic practices, personal hygiene, cleanliness of living spaces, and surroundings, and clean water and food for the good health of adolescents, their families and communities

Fitness and Exercise
This chapter gives clarity about the importance of fitness and exercise for adolescents.
Exercise helps maintain healthy weight and prevents obesity which poses numerous negative consequences and how …
Regular exercise keeps the adolescents fit, boosts the immune system and helps to stay healthy.
Exercise acts as a mood booster as it releases hormones into their brain which make the adolescents happier and ease the effects of depression, anxiety and ADHD. Prevents chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.


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